The Mo?lnikar Page

The Mo?lnikar Page


The information about the Mo?lnikar relatives came from Matt and Mary Dolinshek's bible.  More information was learned from my Pokovec relatives in Slovenia.  Marija Mo?lnikar was the first of Francel Pokovec's wives.  She died in child-birth.  

They lived on the farm in Zagorica, a small mountain village a short distance northeast of Ljubljana.  The home that they lived in, was destroyed in 1944, but descendents still live there.  It is also the birthplace of the Slovenian Mathematician Jurij (George) Vega.  Vega's picture is on the 50 Tolar bill as part of Slovenia's currency.

I understand from relatives who still live on the farm, that there are Mo?lnikar relatives who lived to the south, just across the Sava River.  I would like to hear from some of them.

Note:  A correction was made to the name of Marija Mo?lnikar's father's name on 3 Mar 2002.  The name had been listed as "Joshua," but I doubted that this is correct because this is not a Slovenian name.  A recent review of information from another source, lists the name as "Johann."  Since the Austro-Hungarian rulers at that time required Germanic names, this seems very likely to be correct.  

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